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Proven Business Transformation & Government Entity Services

Maximize the growth and development of your business. At Odufent Management in Herndon, Virginia, we provide business transformation and government entity services that allow your establishment to thrive.

How We Can Help

At Odufent, we understand how complex the business environment can be, which is why we offer our experience and expertise to assist commercial and governmental organizations. Some of the areas we offer help with include:

• Performance Audits
• Implementation of New Business Processes
• Redesign of Existing Business Processes
• System Implementation Support
• Business Transformations

Subcontracting & Advising

Our company provides subcontracting with larger consulting companies as well as change management. As a trusted business adviser, we work hand-in-hand with our clients from the planning to the execution stage of each project, whether it be an augmentation, a financial reporting division, or gathering functional requirements for full-scale systems implementation. With this in mind, we designed our services to provide you with cost-effective and time-saving ways to meet your business objectives.

Government Entity Services

Odufent Management consultants understand the economics, operations, and trends affecting government entities. We have extensive experience servicing many types of governmental organizations and providing performance audits.

Business Transformation

We help companies move through organizational change, management, and leadership alignment projects. The transformation exercise helps organizations develop change strategies. We also help them create a deployment plan and ideas for making necessary process and system changes associated with the change process. All of our services come with consultations and assessments.

Contact us to learn more about the assortment of business transformation and government entity services that our company provides.